Sunday, November 6, 2016

More from Spain

After spending beautiful days in Algodonales we visited Ronda,


and got to Albuñuelas, where we were lucky to stay a week in A&J's charming house.

Every morning we enjoyed the great roof landscape from the breakfast balcony

and tried to match ourselves to the daily life of the village  

There where 3 Bars in the village. Our favorite was the one on the plaza. Also here there was a parliament, a group of men who met every day in this bar - drinking and playing (domino, I think). On sunday was full house on the plaza from the morning till the evening, and it got louder and louder...



  1. סמדרי, אני לא מתעייפת מלהתבונן ברישומים
    הם נראים לי בכל פעם מחדש נהדרים ויותר טובים

  2. תודה, תמי! את משמחת אותי מאד!