Thursday, October 27, 2016

Algodonales, Spain

As a paraglider pilot G. travels since 8 years from Hamburg to Spain to practice his hobby in Algodonales. When returning he is always enthusiastic about the little city and its atmosphere.

Finally I had the chance to join him for 3 days in October.
Algodonales is a small town located in the province of Cádiz. The nearest citys are Zahara, Olvera and Ronda, which are more known and touristic. 
From the first moment there I fell in love in Algodonales. Belonging to the Pueblos Blancos (White Villages) all houses in the the town are white, only the church is built out of stones in ochre. It is located on the slope of a mountain with steep narrow streets. 
The center of the town is the church with the long main plaza. On one side there are the bars and restaurants and on the other side some little stores for daily supply. There is not even one touristic shop. 

In the morning the bars are full with paraglider pilots sitting outside eating breakfast and enjoying the sun. Later on, the plaza fills with the „morning parlament“ - elder men, most of them with walking sticks or in wheel chair. Some are talking and discussing, some are just sitting and watching. 

At noon the plaza get totally empty. Nobody is there. The shops are closing for siesta and some local people are having lunch in the bars. 

At 5:00 pm life starts again. The bars are getting crowded, the shops are opening and slowly slowly the „evening parlament“ is gathering on the plaza. The men are a bit younger than the „morning parlament“. With the darkness the paraglider pilots are coming back hungry and all the restaurants getting completely full.


Everything happens in this center. On thirsday a funeral procession was passing the plaza approaching the church and everybody in the bars got quieter.
On Friday was a wedding in the town hall near the church. The car with the bride & groom was parading through the center while everybody was clapping and cheering. 

I had a beautiful time in Algodonales. I was sitting in every bar and almost on every bench of the Plaza for sketching. I definitely will come again.