Friday, November 17, 2017

Hamburger Hauptbahnhof

The central train station in Hamburg "Hamburger Hauptbahnhof" is an impressive steel construction from 1906. It was a big task for me to sketch such a massive building. 

But even a bigger challenge was to catch the atmosphere inside and around the station.
Funny how sketching does change things. Usually I try to avoid passing through this busy, noisy and full station. But as I started to sketch it, I was fascinated and returned several times for more sketching.

Although I passed the „Wandelhalle“ (shopping area in the station) many times I never noticed this beautiful flower shop. A. - with whom I was for the first time sketching - insisted to draw this shop. So I did it too. Now I know that it’s a well known flower shop in Hamburg.

Sketching with coffee :)

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