Saturday, July 23, 2016

Trying to minimize

In a few days I fly to Manchester, to my first USk Symposium and I am very exited about it.
What do I take with me?
A great thing about drawing on real paper is that you need real material. I love going to art shops, especially to my favorite shop in Hamburg - Jerwitz, looking and discovering new brushes, pens, blocks and spending time among all these painter's dreams. I want to try and buy everything. But actually I wish to minimize myself and not to take so many things with me. This is a real dilemma. 

Usually I take with me a sketchbook or two

and this full etui.

My dear husband made for me this little container from a LÄKEROL pastilles box for aquarell colors. I bought some small tubes and filled it. This gives me some more colors or a smaller alternativ. I definitely want to take it with me.

I discovered these water color markers from Winsor&Newton, which have wide and narrow edges. I couldn't resist the temptation and bought 5 colors. I really want to take them with me and to experiment sketching with them.

So I packed them together with other waterproof pens and pencils, placed them in my new bag, which I got from R&P, and I really want to take them with me...

For my workshop with Paul Heaston I will need a larger sketch block, so I bought some (also for aquarell) in different sizes. The smaller one will be good for my activity with Andrea Matthews painting my own postcards. I really want to take all of them with me...

For sure I'll take FREIE with me because it's light and nice and warm for my bottom, but do I need also my small stool?

Another very important detail is my hat. For Manchester my rain jacket is even more important. These I must take with me.

And I wanted to minimize...

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