Thursday, November 29, 2018

Jerez, Sevilla, Cadiz

Before and after we went to Algodonales, we visited three cities in Andalusia: Jerez de la Frontera, Sevilla and Cadiz.

In Jerez we stayed only two days. 

We didn't really have a plan, but something happened wherever we went. As we arrived to the main Plaza, two weddings took place. As we sat down and watched the audience clapping and shouting „guapa, guapa“, we realized that chairs were set up in rows all over the plaza. We saw some old excited ladies hurrying to get a seat in these rows and this is when we realized that this had nothing to do with the weddings.

Later in the evening, a big concert was scheduled on that plaza by a well known spanish music group of older men. 

The next morning, on Saturday, I really wanted to sketch the plaza itself. There was nobody there. I was sitting on a bench in the shade, and slowly started to draw the houses to deal with the perspective and to get a good composition. 

Suddenly a very elegantly dressed society of people streamed out of the church - another wedding! They looked fabulous. The plaza in front of me was filled with men in smokings, women with big and colorful hats, beautiful dresses and high heals.

Sevilla was the town with the big attractions. Plaza de España, the gigantic semicircle.

It is a colorful, lively and playful city. 

Many big churches, cupolas on flashy houses, beautiful ceramic walls and many balconies.

We spent the last days of our holidays in Cadiz.

We loved walking in the narrow streets and the beautiful green plazas, while the sea approaches the city from all sides.

And of course we also visited a flamenco show - olé!