Friday, February 8, 2019

Winter escape to La Gomera

We spent one week in La Gomera last year - and that was way too short for us. This year we therefore booked two weeks at the same place „Apartamentos Humberto“ in Valle Gran Rey. Luckily they gave us the same apartment with this lovely balcony, overlooking the mountain, the small village and the port.

This time this dark, big mountain took a lot of my attention and stared at me from everywhere.
Sometimes it felt like protection,

like it was hugging me.

Sometimes it was more of a threat,

dark and massive.

And then again very light and colorful.

La Gomera is a wonderful island for hiking. The northern part is very often cloudy and known for it’s rain and laurel forest, as well as its rich variety of plants. 

During these two weeks we developed some rituals. The first, of course, was breakfast on the balcony. Exactly at 9:10am the sun would appear over the mountain to lighten our breakfast, which was a real celebration for us.
Another ritual was going to La Playa. 

Sometimes we went swimming in La Playa, othertimes we just sat in front of the little church. Of course we also spent time in one of the cafés, observing people.

On the way back we always stopped at Baby Beach and sat on the bench for a while. This was an incredible place to watch the sunset.

Two weeks were again too short and I hope we can go again next year. And then for at least three weeks.


Thursday, November 29, 2018

Jerez, Sevilla, Cadiz

Before and after we went to Algodonales, we visited three cities in Andalusia: Jerez de la Frontera, Sevilla and Cadiz.

In Jerez we stayed only two days. 

We didn't really have a plan, but something happened wherever we went. As we arrived to the main Plaza, two weddings took place. As we sat down and watched the audience clapping and shouting „guapa, guapa“, we realized that chairs were set up in rows all over the plaza. We saw some old excited ladies hurrying to get a seat in these rows and this is when we realized that this had nothing to do with the weddings.

Later in the evening, a big concert was scheduled on that plaza by a well known spanish music group of older men. 

The next morning, on Saturday, I really wanted to sketch the plaza itself. There was nobody there. I was sitting on a bench in the shade, and slowly started to draw the houses to deal with the perspective and to get a good composition. 

Suddenly a very elegantly dressed society of people streamed out of the church - another wedding! They looked fabulous. The plaza in front of me was filled with men in smokings, women with big and colorful hats, beautiful dresses and high heals.

Sevilla was the town with the big attractions. Plaza de España, the gigantic semicircle.

It is a colorful, lively and playful city. 

Many big churches, cupolas on flashy houses, beautiful ceramic walls and many balconies.

We spent the last days of our holidays in Cadiz.

We loved walking in the narrow streets and the beautiful green plazas, while the sea approaches the city from all sides.

And of course we also visited a flamenco show - olé! 




Sunday, November 25, 2018


My husband often goes to Algodonales in Andalusia for the paragliding. Two years ago I spent three days there with him. I liked it so much that I was really looking forward to be there again for a whole week with him.

Algodonales is a small town and is one of the White Villages (Pueblos Blancos), but is not as pretty and touristic as the neighboring villages of Zahara or Olvera. But the town is famous for the optimum conditions for paragliding. Thats why it is a very lively place, typically spanish without any touristic attractions.

I had a wonderful week. Every morning we had breakfast with some of the pilots in one of the bars in the Plaza. 

Afterwords they disappeared and I had the day for myself with my sketchbook and many interesting encounters.

Once, as I was settling myself on my stool, a lady came from her house and was worried that I was not allright. She thought that I had sat down because I didn’t feel well. She offered me Cola or water and showed me where she lived in case I needed anything.

I sketched the Plaza during the siesta. It was just wonderful, I was sitting there for a long time, maybe 3 hours, on a bench under a shadey lemon tree enjoying the stillness. Another older lady came to watch what I was doing. She was amazed and showed me her house in the sketch „mi casa, mi casa“. 2 paraglider came by every half hour to check the development of the sketch.

As I was drawing this narrow street a woman who lived in the house nearby realized, that I was not comfortable on my little stool. She brought me a chair from her house. Other women passed by, saw what I was doing and showed me their hands which were spotted with color. I understood, that they had just come from painting classes.

After a couple of days I was often greeted in a very friendly way by passesby as if they knew me. 

One day I visited Zahara, on another

Olvera. I couldn’t get enough of this view of these White Villages. Below the colorful church the white houses splashed with yellow tumbled down the hill.


During the late afternoons I often used to go to the landing field. As each pilot landed Pepe was there with his drinks cart offering each a cold beer. The atmosphere was a mixture of an exitement and relief in the evening sun.

In the evening it became social again on the plaza with tapas and vino tinto.There was an even more relaxed atmosphere in the evening in the plaza with tapas and vino tinto.