Friday, September 28, 2018

Facades in Hamburg, part 1

Some people collect stamps and I collect facades :) 
In Hamburg there are so many beautiful ones!

Blankenese Hauptstraße

Barnerstraße, Altona
Barnerstraße - Bahrenfelder Straße, Altona
Eppendorfer Baum

Eppendorfer Baum




Sunday, September 9, 2018

The City Hall of Hamburg and the gentleman in the blue suite

Today I went to town with M. to sketch the City Hall of Hamburg. Its a huge Neorenaissance building with many many details. We started in the beautiful patio. I just picked up some details, enjoyed sketching black and white and some colored pencils. 

Afterwards we went out, found a good bench from where we could look at the whole building. M. suggested to sketch everything - the whole piazza. While drawing, we became a kind of tourist attraction. Many people stopped to watch us, some asked questions like „did you do that yourself?“, „Ah, you got a task coloring this paper“, „oh, I wish I had my sketchbook with me“.

And suddenly stood a very preppy, well dressed older gentleman in front of us, and started asking us about information for details of the building. We didn’t know anything. He gave us some information, vanished, came back again, sat next to us, and told us about the legend of St. Michael and holy Katharina - apparently the statues of them are part of the many details of the building.

I wanted to capture this scene in my sketchbook and started to sketch him and M. He didn't like it. He finished his story very quickly, stood up, looked at my sketch of himself, criticized the nose, said that he looks 50 years older than he is and went away.

Thursday, July 26, 2018


I was looking forward to this big event of the urban sketching symposium in Porto since months. 800 sketchers from 46 countries gathered in Porto to sketch the city, to take part in workshops, to share their work and to get to meet each other in real life. 

Porto was a wonderful city for this event. Every corner offered us something beautiful to sketch. You can still see that Porto had some difficult years but nowadays many houses are being renovated - and by that I mean in a good way. The old style is preserved, so the overall picture of the city will not change. 

I love drawing houses and I couldn't get enough from the charming colorful narrow houses with their small balconies and different windows. Many of them are covered with old blue tiles, which was difficult for me to express in the drawings. 

Porto is also famous for their many towers. 


The streets were full of people - many of them tourists,

music all over,

and of course with lots and lots of sketchers. 

Inma Serrano's demo
about the big black spot

It was an amazing, very intense week. I explored the town with my sketch book, met some old and new friends and had a very lively week with nothing else than sketching! Thank you Porto. See you next year in Amsterdam!

A sketcher's dream - eat, drink and draw :) 


Always smiling 

And here we are! Cannot find me? I am standing in the last row at the left side :)
The german sketchers

Sunday, May 13, 2018


Here are some sketches from our last short visit in London. When I look at them now I realize that they actually don’t represent London for me. I love in London the beautiful  architecture of the massive old big housing blocks but somehow I chose to sketch the smaller ones… There will be definitely a next time.