Friday, February 8, 2019

Winter escape to La Gomera

We spent one week in La Gomera last year - and that was way too short for us. This year we therefore booked two weeks at the same place „Apartamentos Humberto“ in Valle Gran Rey. Luckily they gave us the same apartment with this lovely balcony, overlooking the mountain, the small village and the port.

This time this dark, big mountain took a lot of my attention and stared at me from everywhere.
Sometimes it felt like protection,

like it was hugging me.

Sometimes it was more of a threat,

dark and massive.

And then again very light and colorful.

La Gomera is a wonderful island for hiking. The northern part is very often cloudy and known for it’s rain and laurel forest, as well as its rich variety of plants. 

During these two weeks we developed some rituals. The first, of course, was breakfast on the balcony. Exactly at 9:10am the sun would appear over the mountain to lighten our breakfast, which was a real celebration for us.
Another ritual was going to La Playa. 

Sometimes we went swimming in La Playa, othertimes we just sat in front of the little church. Of course we also spent time in one of the caf├ęs, observing people.

On the way back we always stopped at Baby Beach and sat on the bench for a while. This was an incredible place to watch the sunset.

Two weeks were again too short and I hope we can go again next year. And then for at least three weeks.